Our Counseling And Therapy Philosophy

We practice a model of therapy, coaching, and counseling, which
is collaborative, open, and holistic in nature. Our therapy model believes that everyone in the therapy room is an equal and an expert. Thus, we work as a team to accomplish your goals.

Our model of therapy offers tools to develop personal empowerment and resilience. It includes looking at both the past and planning for the future. Our therapeutic model does this while staying present in the moment. It is both solution focused and reflective. We believe in the importance of learning from our past. We also believe that the past does not define you. Thus, Radical candor, therapeutic dialogue, and embracing your inner child are important aspects of our therapeutic model. Additionally, Balance is the key to maintaining Harmony.

Therapy is hard! Counseling takes an emotional, financial, and physical commitment. However, the investment in you is priceless.

The Therapy And Coaching Experience

Our goal is for you to leave our practice with the necessary tools to thrive during life’s challenges. Therefore, we foster individual empowerment. Our therapeutic relationship will feel warm, safe and be connecting. Thus, sometimes it will feel like you are having a heart to heart with a good friend. Also, sometimes is will feel like you are collaborating with a team member.

We will teach you to listen and trust your inner self. We coach you to challenge your limits bravely. Thus, you will feel empowered. We coach you to think outside of the box. We want you to do the same with us. This helps to foster critical thinking and communication skills. Our model also fosters tolerance and openness. All of which are skills that will serve you through your life. We teach you how to make the hard choices with with honor and bravery.

Therapy is designed to open your eyes to new experiences, options, and ideas. It also helps in re-framing self perceptions. Counseling helps you gain insight into the behaviors which may be interfering with your goals. You may not always like what you hear in therapy. However, we will always have your best interest at heart.

Holistic Psychotherapy

Holistic psychotherapy works to restore the balance between the mind, spirit, and body. Our practice blends both western and eastern medical philosophies. Our therapeutic model combines both science with tradition. We help you restore strength and balance. Our model helps you begin to engage life again. It helps you to perform on a level where you will feel enriched. We help you release the negativity around you and focus on gratitude.

Individualized Treatment Planning

Your challenges are unique to you. You and provider will carefully examine your current needs, short term objectives and long term goals. Together, we carefully develop the most efficient and effective personalized treatment plan.

Continuity Of Care

We believe the in the continuity of care. Our practice asks that if you are seeing other medical professionals, let us know. Also, please fill out a medical release for exchange of information. If you do not have a primary care physician or psychiatrist, please let us know so that we may give you a referral.

Treatment Modalities

We use a variety of therapeutic modalities and techniques which are designed to work with your creative brain, your logical brain, your physical body, your spiritual body, and your five senses. Our team also provides a warm, safe, and supportive environment. We believe that this creates the best possible conditions for growth. Some of our treatment modalities include:

  • Geek Therapy
  • The Gottman Method
  • Harmony Arion Relationship Tools
  • Kink Aware Therapy
  • Clinical Sexology
  • Traumatology
  • Group Therapy
  • Psychoeducation
  • Relationship Coaching

It Takes A Village

Although our practice is boutique in nature, our treatment model emphasizes the importance of a supportive system. Thus, we prefer to work with the entire family infrastructure if possible. If you are partnered, married, or have children, we welcome them to our practice in the hopes that we can work with your entire family. This ensures a level of accountability.

Community and social support is an essential part of our treatment program. We recommend group therapy and other psycho-educational modalities. . Group events and therapy offer you a chance to practice important social and connecting skills in a safe space.

You may also be offered the opportunity to participate in various support groups, workshops, retreats, events, group events or coaching seminars. Group events and workshops at the HarmonyUs Inc. complex, at a designated location, or online.Additionally, we incorporate social media based private online forums as part of our therapeutic process.

All of these components will be introduced based on your specific needs and goals. Remember that you are in charge of your treatment plan and you may opt out of any parts of this process at any time.

“Our team will inspire you to live a more fulfilling life through facing trauma and transforming it into triumph.” – Dr. Harmony

Concluding Therapy

Your goals are met. HOORAY! Moving forward on your own is scary. However, you are now brave. It is time to be seen individually on an as needed basis. Additionally, group is always available when you need some extra support.